2 General Information

2 General Information

Although I believe that most of what you need to know to determine if you have intestinal parasites, and to kill them if you find that you do, is in the following pages, I welcome helpful information from anyone who knows about effective treatments or useful content which I have not covered in this website.

    This site is in development and more pages are to come with lots of info. I plan to add content every week, and of course, there’s always room for improvements from readers. If you need more help, have comments, suggestions, or additions that can help others to oust the paras, or find that I’ve gotten some of my info wrong, you can contact me at  rich@killtheparasites.com

    Blogs and more services in this site are also in the making.

General Information

Parasite infestation has been called the ‘silent epidemic’ by holistic and natural health professionals. Those of them who are in-the-know tell us that most all of us have parasites in one form or another and they estimate that 30% of our population lives with intestinal paras.

   There’s numerous reasons why this epidemic is going unnoticed. With the unsavory and hush-hush nature of this scourge, our medical establishment is 99% ignoring it and almost always misdiagnoses it — many times as irritable bowel syndrome or Chron’s disease. (A side-note here is that these two so-called diseases are merely symptoms of diseases and neither of them are the underlying cause of illness.) Another reason for the lack of awareness is that it takes two or more years for the symptoms to show and then they stay mild for a few more years.

   Paras are a worldwide problem. In many countries, a yearly herbal treatment is common-place. There’s many reasons why the risk of paras to Americans has been growing, the biggest reason being the globalization of our food supply.

   There’s over a hundred species of paras that can infect humans and most of them have been around for millions of years longer than mankind, so they’ve had plenty of time to evolve into prolific, tenacious, bad-ass creatures that are good at keeping themselves hidden. If left to get to advanced-stage infestation, they can number in the thousands in a host’s 21 feet of intestines, so one should do the chore of catching any infestation in an early stage which is not difficult to treat.


SYMPTOMS –Below is a list of the most common symptoms of intestinal parasites. 

  • multiple food allergies / allergies
  • irritable bowel syndrome-IBS / colitis
  • chronic fatigue syndrome
  • insomnia / anxiety / depression
  • eczema / sores / acne / itchiness
  • sugar craving and milk craving
  • anemia – iron deficiency or pernicious

Following is a more extensive list of symptoms, a few of which are para species-specific. Five or more of the below should send up a red flag.

  • inability to concentrate / poor memory
  • fatigue / apathy / poor memory
  • multiple food allergies
  • nervousness / anxiety / restlessness
  • sleep disturbances
  • flu-like symptoms / nausea / vomiting
  • skin rashes / hives / acne / sores / itchiness
  •  itchy ears, nose, anus
  • digestive disturbances – gas / bloating / cramping
  • diarrhea / constipation
  • sugar craving and milk craving
  • coughing / wheezing
  • joint pain / muscle aches
  • unexplained weight loss or weight gain
  • men – sexual dysfunction
  • women – PMS / menstrual irregularities 


It’s a slim chance that you will find a medical doctor in your area who will treat intestinal paras. There’s plenty of testimony on the internet from those who are infected and seeking help. Medical drugs do no good because the paras have become resistant to them while certain herbs are effective and harmless.

    Fortunately, I found lots of websites with info and testimonials. Most of these non-medical-oriented websites appear to be built and maintained by non-professionals who are generously giving their time and energies to help those with this plight. Also, there’s numerous holistic, naturalistic, osteopathic, and even a few medical MDs who give their time and resources to be helpful.

    But none of the websites that I visited covered the whole spectrum of natural remedies, and more importantly, none of them appears to have been written by someone who is as deeply affected by this experience as I am, and I found them to be lacking in the whole of the long-term picture.

    The FIRST STEP to start with is find out … DO YOU HAVE INTESTINAL PARASITES?   Before you go to the next page, (Testing for Intestinal Paras), it is important to note that you need to read and do the pages of this site in order, otherwise you will be getting ahead of what works, and in this you take the chance that you will miss your opportunity to get well should you find that you have them.

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