4 Gastro Housekeeping


Even for those of us who are careful to avoid the Standard American Diet (SAD), there’s plenty of pitfalls to steer us away from maintaining a healthy gut. Intestinal paras and their toxins go hand-in-hand with fungus, yeast (such as candida albicans), and many other bugs which team up with them to make for a toxic mix. Dr. Robert Thiel Ph.D, N.D. found a whole plethora of pathogens to be living inside of the paras when doing pioneering research on bioradiation in 1988 with Dr. Hulda Clark. This harbor of pathogens plays an important role in your need to detox during your treatment which we will cover in the following pages.

         Let’s take a look at some of the most important gastro-intestinal health factors.


PH Balance
Unless your diet is excellent and totally avoids sugar, sweeteners, high-fructose corn syrup, refined carbohydrates, and processed foods, then, like most Americans, you are living with over-acidification of your body’s ph balance which leads to putrification of your body’s tissues, bad health, and a whole bunch of gut problems.
    Many people who believe that they have gotten away from sugar have not accomplished this. When you shop for food you should read the ingredients of everything you buy – health food stores included. A box of cereal should have no more than 4g of sugar, a jar of spaghetti sauce should have no more than 6g of sugar. Canned prepared tomatoes and vegetables, tomato sauce, and many unprepared canned vegtables all-to-often have added sugar or sweetners. Baked beans are loaded with sugar. Malted barley or barley malt is not too awfully bad if added in small amounts. Watch for this and Aspartame in cereals. 
    Bringing your body’s ph balance to the right levels with a good diet takes years. It took years to get too acidic, and it will take years to correct it, so you will need to work on a more short-term solution. Unless you have high blood-pressure, every morning put 1 teaspoon of baking soda into ¾ cup of water and stir it often as you drink it. Over a few months, not only will baking soda correct your ph balance, it is also one of nature’s greatest cures for candida.
Related to the subject of sugar is artificial sweeteners. I consider Saccharin, Aspartame, NutraSweet and all other artificial sweeteners to be toxic chemicals which are unfit for human consumption which should never have been approved for consumption, and I believe that any reasonable person who takes a close look at what these chemicals are and what they do to you would come to the same conclusion. Check for artificial sweeteners in everything that you buy.  


Related to ph balance, bioelectricity primarily refers to an ion gradient across our cell wall membranes which gives them a tiny charge of energy to do the membrane’s work of moving good things in and wastes out. In this, God gave us a simple and straightforward gift of polarity that the medical establishment is ignoring: a healthy human body and all of its healthy cells have a negative charge. Also, probiotics and most all beneficial supplements, including diatomaceous earth have a negative charge. Conversely, dead and diseased tissue, parasites, and all pathogens and their toxins have a positive charge. Enter diatomaceous earth with its negatively charged cavities to suck in the positive-charged toxins and bad guys — and good things happen. Fourth-grade physics – too simple for the medical establishment. Food-grade D. Earth, or more simply, DE will be included in our housekeeping get-list.

Vitamins and Minerals
Take 3000% of recommended daily dosage of vitamins and minerals divided into two or three dosages. Capsules are somewhat expensive, and tablets are almost totally indigestible, so if you take tablets, you will need to crush them into powder first. The supplement industry’s claim of time-release tablets is a lie. Also take a multi-mineral and additional Cal/Mag/Zinc.
I’m going to include D. Earth as a mineral. In addition to being one of nature’s greatest detox agents, DE has many health benefits — more than I am going to take the time to list because you can learn about these by visiting this website page:
Throughout your treatment mix a heaping tablespoon of DE into 3/4 cup of water and drink this at least once a day, preferably twice a day.
Take 6 billion viable cells of quality probiotics daily in three divided doses. Probiotics that have been kept refrigerated are better, if you can find these. Keep them refrigerated.
Shopping List
Following is a shopping list to get you started on Gastro Housekeeping:
Baking Soda
Multi Vitamins
Multi Mineral
1 to 1/2 lb of D. Earth
After a week of taking the above supplements, you will need to go to the next web page which is (5 Extent of Infestation). Following is a list of what you will need for that page, so at this time you should order these things also:
2 bottles of Swanson’s 60 count, 500mg Black Walnut Hulls capsules
2 bottles of Swanson’s 100 count, 450mg Clove capsules
1 bottle of Hyssop 450mg caps
1 bottle of Fennel Seed 100 count, 480mg caps
2 bottles of Swanson’s 100 count Milk Thistle 500mg caps
2 bottles of Herb Pharm 1 oz Wormwood tincture
When you have the above supplements, and you have done a week of Gastro Housekeeping, then you are ready to go to the next page which is (5 Extent of Infestation).