5 Extent of Infestation

Testing for the Extent of the Infestation
Your next step is to learn something about the extent of your infestation. Following is some info on the what and why of this process.
    The wastes of the para, which are toxic, and the nutritional deficiencies caused by the infestation are the two causes of your symptoms. When you do a kill-off treatment, the symptoms increase as the paras die and release more than their usual amount of toxins. Because of the need to detox after a kill-of, the treatments are best done in six-day periods with nine-day detox periods in-between them. During the below treatment, alternate every couple of hours between your daily gastro supplements, which were spelled-out in the Gastro Housekeeping page, and the below treatment dosages. Note that the below herbs are only toxic in amounts larger than the shown dosages. The para eggs can only be killed by Cloves and only after their shells have been softened for a few days by the Black Walnut, Fennel, and Hyssop. With that in mind, do the following:
Day One:
Take five Black Walnut caps, two Fennel Seed caps, and one Hyssop cap three times for a total of 24 capsules.
Day Two:
Three dosages of six Black Walnut, two Fennel, and one Hyssop.
Day Three:
Three dosages of seven Black Walnut, two Fennel, and two Hyssop. Begin monitoring what comes out using eyeglasses and a flashlight and continue this for every day until six days after this treatment is done.
Day Four:
Three dosages of six Black Walnut, two Fennel, two Hyssop, and two Cloves.
Day Five:
Three dosages of five Black Walnut, two Fennel, two Hyssop, and two Cloves.
Day Six:
Three dosages of four Black Walnut, one Fennel, one Hyssop, and two Cloves.
The visual results are likely to be most prominent from the end of this treatment to three to five days following. Did you find lots of the small larvae? Did you find anything as big as a Quaker oat? Did you find anything as big as a corn kernel? If you found something as big as a Quaker oat, then you can be sure that there are bigger larvae, and also, probably adults which will take more treatments to kill off.
The Moon Cycle
The adults of almost all of the worm-type intestinal paras, (other than the tapeworm), migrate from your gastro system to your other organs based on the moon cycle. Two days before new moon and full moon they enter your gastro and attach to the walls for procreation and stay in that system until a few days afterwards. While anytime is good to kill-off the larvae, the new moon, and more-so, the full moon, are the best times to kill-off the adults. While it should take a few more treatments before any large larvae or adults die, it’s time to get started on a monthly treatment cycle that coincides with the phases of the moon. So go to the next page which is (6 Continuing Treatment).